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* Deer Antler Wine Bottle Stoppers/Corkscrews
* Pens
*Key Rings


Wine Bottle Stopper/corkscrew with T-handle Deer Antler

 $24.95          #WBSDA1

Wine Bottle Stopper/Corkscrew
with T-handle Natural Tip Deer Antler

$24.95          #WBSDA2

Just twist the handle turned from genuine deer antler to reveal the corkscrew stored inside.

View of antler corkscrew.  This design of opener provides an incredibly strong pulling handle.  Low profile fits conveniently in refrigerator.

Individual color patterns will vary from pictures shown due to natural characteristics of the antlers.


Toothpick Holder Key Rings

Toothpick Holder Keyring

$14.95          #TPHDA1

Just twist the key ring top to access a storage space just perfect for a supply of toothpicks.

Turned from genuine deer antler.

Individual colors will vary from pictures shown due to the characteristics of the antlers.


Rifle Shell Detachable Key Ring

Rifle Shell Key RingRifle Shell Detachable Key Ring  

Made from a 308 caliber brass rifle shell polished to high gloss finish.

$15.00  #KRRSD