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You need to feel them to believe it! Brand new - hand made. New, high quality pillow insert - not cheap stuffing.
Completely washable  

Beautiful herd of wild horses designer pillow.   20"  with 3" faux suede fringe. Extremely high quality faux suede fringe and pillow accent with matching faux leather back and accented corners.


Paint Horses Running  Galloping horses featured with dark brown faux suede and matching fringe down the sides.  18"

#P-P2  $34.95

Blue Suede Horse Pillow Cummings tapestry pillow of running paints.  Stunning pillow with slate blue faux suede backing and matching piping.  1"

P-P33  $29.95

Buffalo.  Back and side accents of faux suede and faux suede fringe.  18"

#P-P12  $34.95

Bucking Bronc tapestry combined with premium quality faux suede.  Tapestry is trimmed with matching fringe and braid trim.  Faux suede feels like the real thing.  14"

#P-BB1  $24.95

Bull Rider Tapestry Pillow  Bull rider tapestry pillow.  Dark brown faux distressed leather with faux suede fringe.  20"

#P-P28  $39.95

Buck and doe tapestry pillow.  Brown faux suede with gimp braid trim.  16"

#P-P3  $29.95

Beautiful, vibrant earthtones set off these beautiful horses racing across this high quality western tapestry.  16"

#P-P1  $19.95

Steer roper tapestry with matching faux leather back and piping.  16"

#P-P19  $24.95

Cowgirl barrel racer.  Faux suede back with matching piping.  16"

#P-P5  $24.95

Passing through.  Beautiful tapestry graphic with coordinating dark, evergreen faux suede backing and piping.  16"

#P-P17  $24.95

Native American/wildlife western theme tapestry pillow.  Matching faux suede.  18"

#P-P25  $29.95

Native American bust tapestry pillow.  Textured faux suede with matching piping.  18"

#P-P8  $29.95

Fun little decorator pillow with a western message.  Piping trim  13" x 9"

#P-P21  $19.95