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DIY Western Decor Projects

If you have some unused materials and dream about Western-themed decor items for you home, let us help you with a few easy projects that will transform your living space and will repurpose some of your clutter. Look for tin cans, barn wood, and empty feed sacks around your home or farm and get ready to make something of value. The projects are easy for anybody to tackle.

DIY Western Decorating Ideas

DIY Western Decorating Ideas

1. Western Pillows

If you have any earthy color pillows, you can use them to make Western themed creations for your home. All you have to do is paint cowboy hats and boots or horseshoes with fabric paints on your existing pillows after tracing the shapes on them. Another way is to glue craft stamps, which you can purchase or create yourself from a craft or shipping foam.

If you don't have pillows readily available in your home, you can sow them yourself from feed bags and stuff them with grain. You can decorate such pillows with a rawhide or suede pieces by sowing them onto the pillow. To achieve a very traditional Western effect, add some fringes to your pillows.

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2. Tin-Can Lighting

You can make your own unique tin can lanterns from clean cans, that ten to lay around in many homes and sheds. Wash the can thoroughly, fill it with water, and freeze it. This will prevent the can from bending while you'll be making Western designs on its sides. Use a hammer and nail to punch your chosen pattern. You should draw your picture on a paper using small dots and then tape it to the can to make sure that it won't move. Look up some Western themes, like a howling wolf, running mustangs, or a cowboy on a horse. You can be very creative with these lanterns and really let an artist in you shine.

Once you're done, run the can through hot water to help the ice melt, dry the can, and then spray paint it with whatever color you choose. Once it's ready, put a tea candle in a glass holder inside of it and enjoy. You can make light covers for your garden lights from cans too. Cut the bottom of the can to make sure that it slides over whatever light you have and enjoy the Western spirit in your great outdoors.

3. Barn Board Art

Before using barn boards for your interior, make sure you sand them, so that all the debris and chipped paint gets removed.

You can easily make a unique shelf. Just take 2 boards and attach them to a wrought iron shelf brackets. Then attach these shelves to the wall with wall anchors. Make sure you find wall studs – you don't want to see your masterpiece fall on anybody.

Another way to use barn wood is to hammer a few pieces together onto a scrap wood in the back and hang it on the wall. You can then paint a Western theme on it or leave it as-is for a contemporary understated look.

If you want to get really elaborate, create a coffee table from old barn wood or make a bench. The table will require a wide board and some old fence-post spindles for short legs. Bench can be made from one wide board for a seat and a few wide short boards for legs. This is a really simple project, but the outcome is a statement piece.

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4. Kitchen Fabrics

Use old feed sacks to create cute café curtains over the sink window. This will bring the West indoors every time you'll look outside. All you have to do is select stamped sacks or stamp them yourself, attach them to a curtain ring clips, and them hang them on a rod. That's it!

If you have small feed sack scraps, you can use them to make hand towels, curtain ties, and table place mats. Frame interesting ones on the wall. If you don't have any feed sacks available, you can substitute them with coffee sacks if you can get your hands on them.

Let your imagination run and create some fun unique masterpieces!

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