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Native American Crafts For Kids

If you study American history, Thanksgiving Day was when the pilgrims met the helpful Native American Indians and gave them food and showed them the different farming techniques. You can teach your children about Native Americans on this day by making Native American themed crafts with them. Some of the examples of these crafts include a Native American Indian doll, a Native American Indian Rattle, a Native American TP, Native American Indian headdresses, Native American totem poles, and Native American dream catchers.

All these crafts can keep the little ones busy that they will then also learn about the rich culture of the Native American tribes.

#1 Native Americans Hand Print Art

This is an adorable and fun filled hands-on craft activity and you can go to to introduce kids to these Native Americans with colors.

#2 Native American Construction Paper Teepees

These teepees are dwellings of the indigenous people that are made by using animal hide or some kind of canvas.                                             

#3 Paper Plate Native American Dream Catchers

A dream catcher is designed to snare bad dreams in his web while allowing a good dream to pass through. The typical traditional dream catchers made out of wood, sinew and other natural materials that kids can make from some basic household supplies. A super simple dream catcher is made from a paper plate and other easy available materials.

#4 Papier-Mache Native American Hopi Kachina Doll

The Hopi Indians made Kachina dolls, which represented the lives of their spiritual or religious icons. Some of the icons are the singer, the buffalo, the badger, the ogre, the hunter, the rainbow, the Eagle and the sun. The adults in the tribe use the Kachina dolls to teach children about their culture and religion so these Kachina dolls were not toys.

#5 Native American Feathered Headdress

The traditional feathered headdress can mean many different colors and feature all kinds of designs. Among the Sioux culture they were thought to have originated the headdress and in wearing it signified great power within the tribe. Feathers, sequins, beads are usually used to adorn the headgear.

#6 Native American Rattles

There are all kinds of rattles used to make music during ceremonies and social gatherings. They can be made from bark, or turtle shells or gourds and these are some of the oldest style. Currently cow horn rattles have replaced the bark rattles but the turtle shell and Gourd rattles are still used in sacred ceremonies of native groups.

#7 Native American Totem Pole Crafts From Toilet Rolls

Many Native American Indians express themselves through their artwork and they are carved into totem poles. The raising of the totem pole can be a big celebration among an Indian tribe. The carvings represent the tribal nation and convey the tribal history, tradition and folklore. The stories of a totem pole are generally passed down from generation to generation.

#8 Native American Rain Stick Craft

Traditionally rain sticks are made out of a hollowed and dried cactus with the exterior thorns removed and hammered back in. Then small lava pebbles are inserted in the ends are covered with wood and the tube is rotated as a cascade over the thorns creating a lovely rain like sound. They were traditionally used to call upon the gods to provide rain and a very dry climate.

Making a rain stick is easy and a great way to explore sound. For a child you can fill the tube with rice, beans, pebbles, coins and this gives the different sounds wanted to mimic rain.

#9 Native American Indian Paper Beaded Necklace Craft For Kids

The Native Americans like to wear various items of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. They were commonly made from natural materials such as various metals, hardwoods, vegetal fibers, or precious and semi precious gemstones. Animal materials such as teeth, bones or the hide can also be used along with man-made materials such as beadwork and quillwork.

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