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Native American Design Concepts

A very popular interior design concept for homes in the United States is the Native American design. This design concept embraces the charm of southwestern homes and encapsulates the Native Americans' popular use of wood. In particular the name of these designs is called Hopi, which was made popular by the pueblos, eastern woodland, and Navajo tribes. These designs also tend to incorporate an eclectic mix of colors and weaved fabrics and baskets.

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Native American Interior Design Concept

The Native American Interior Design Concept

If one were to take a Navajo interior home design, for example, one would likely include the use of animal leather on one of the four walls with a unique tribal pattern. The colors most symbolic of Native Americans are dark brown, tan, and other lighter shades of brown.

Eastern Woodland Indians typically use natural fabrics and artifacts against a backdrop of dark wood colors. To emphasize these darker shades of brown, designers may want to use wooden furniture and hardwood floors throughout the home. Often, this design tends to be reminiscent of a mountain cabin home with all of the wood being used.

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Finally, southwestern Indians share some of the same general concepts as the aforementioned, but they primarily emphasize the colors turquoise and coral in their designs. They aim to have a warmer feel in the interior of their homes and mix it with natural wooden colors to keep the Native American design congruent. The goal with all three of these designs is to keep the vintage Native American feel with brown colors and give it splashes of character with the different colors used on furniture and art pieces throughout.

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