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Save While Buying Home Decor

It would be hard to find somebody who wouldn't want their home to look like it was just featured on the cover of a design magazine. Whether you would really like the photoshoot or not, you do at least want your home to be comfortable and nice looking. After all, who doesn't like compliments from friends and loved ones when they come for a visit.

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We created a list of things that will help you accomplish your decorating goals without breaking a bank. Having a nice home on a budget is really not that impossible.

1. Shop at the right time of the year

Make sure you are mindful of seasons while furniture shopping. Don't buy a patio set in spring or a lazy-boy in winter. Merchants want to clear out their inventory at the end of one season in preparation for the upcoming one. Look out for sales and clearances in January and July. You can save up to 70% if you'll employ off-season shopping tactics.

January is also a great time for discounts on various décor items during post-Christmas white sales.

2. Inquire about store floor items

Retailers always want to sell their display merchandise and will offer you great discounts on those items. Most of the time the furniture and décor pieces are in great shape, but you should be vigilant and check everything carefully. Make sure you can live with a scratch or a ding on whatever it is you're buying. 50% off might help you overcome those imperfections.

You can sometimes find information about those discounted items on the stors website or just ask a store employee.

3. Buy used

Don't be too fancy for preowned pieces of furniture and décor. Some items are available for 50-70% less than their retail price. In addition to that, some used pieces might be very unique and upscale, something you might not find anywhere else. Rest assured that old and new mixing is very trendy these days, according to expert designers. An eclectic mix of styles will add character to your home.

The best places for used pieces are estate and yard sales, antique stores, consignment stores, and online consumer marketplaces. You can revive and customize any used piece of furniture by painting it yourself. A nice slipcover can create a whole new look for a used sofa. Don't be afraid to experiment.

4. Negotiate

Make sure you negotiate while buying anything used at a yard sale, a consignment store or from an online source. The negotiation is usually expected, so be relentless. You can even haggle at a department store, especially if you're buying a floor item or an end of season merchandise. You might not be offered a discount, so always ask for it.

5. Shop at discount retailers

All of us know some great value stores that offer some great stuff at affordable prices. Think of Walmart, Target, T.J. Maxx, Home Depot, Stein Mart, Lowe's and Cost Plus World Market. All of those retailers specialize in good quality and good prices. You can find something for all your décor needs at a fraction of the upscale stores' price. Try comparing storage baskets at T.J. Maxx and the ones at Pottery Barn. They will be virtually the same, but very different in price.

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6. Affordable art

A piece of art can be a centerpiece of your room décor, so definitely use paintings and decorations on your walls. Don't go out and buy the most expensive original canvas, and don't rush to conclude that you can't afford it either – be reasonable. Visit a few nice consignment stores – you never know what treasures are there waiting to be discovered. Some valuable items might be overlooked by store employees and severely undervalued, so browse often. Goodwill can offer some unconventional ways of decorating - think framed old maps instead of paintings.

Etsy marketplace is a good place to shop for affordable original art. Another good idea is to inquire at your local high schools and art colleges to see if they offer any artwork for sale. And finally, your children's art will look great, be meaningful, and will come completely free.

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7. Be creative

Your personal living space can become your personal canvas. Look for some things at home that you already have and don't use. Collect old unused luggage and stack it in the corner for a rustic personal look. Find that long forgotten silver bowl, bring it out, set it on top of console table by the entrance, and use it for key storage.

Scout the beach for interesting driftwood while on vacation. Go to salvage shops to look for old windows and doors and then revive them at home. Prop the old repainted door against the door or make a custom coffee table from it. The possibilities are limitless.

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