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Selling Native American Art

Selling Native American Art has its difficulties as well as advantages. However, with a few key tips you will be selling your Native American Art collection in no time. For starters, you must always know the price you are asking for your items or at least have an idea. Once this element of your collection has been determined, the following 7 tips for selling Native American Art will come in handy.

#7 Do Your Research

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to a computer and the internet truly makes research a sinch. Google alone allows you to search each and every artist or item by name. Additionally, Bonham's, Cowan's Auctions, and/or eBay are all great auction sites that you can visit to grab information regarding how fast and/or how much said items sold for during recent auctions. The info you gather from research is the perfect starting point to aid you in determining the value of each of your art pieces through compare and contrast between comparable works.

#6 Sell Direct

Selling directly to a collector is the best way to reap the highest return rate possible for your Native American Art. However, finding and acquiring an interested collector is extremely difficult. You can try finding a collection by putting on a garage sale but try to do so in an affluent neighborhood.

#5 Sell to a Gallery

Selling to a gallery is slightly easier than selling directly to a collector. Usually the gallery will negotiate a market price for each one of your art pieces based on the current market sales of comparable works. Unfortunately, most galleries will only offer you about 50% percent of the retail price for each item. Several galleries are also likely to offer you a consignment contract. A consignment contract does not pay out immediately. Instead, said gallery will feature your art pieces for free until a buyer purchase. At the point of purchase you will receive a percentage of the sale while the house (the gallery) takes a cut of the purchase as well.

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#4 Sell on Consignment

As stated above, some galleries prefer to take art on a consignment contract. There are a couple of drawbacks from selling art on consignment. First, the gallery will take a cut of the purchase, typically around 40% to 50% of the sale. Second, consignment art can take a while to sell, anywhere between a couple of months to a couple of years. The upside of placing art on consignment within a gallery is that it will be viewed! This ups your odds of selling greatly.

#3 Sell at Auction

If you currently obtain an item of high quality value then you could potentially sell this piece at auction. This item should be worth around $10,000 dollars or more in order to submit it at a luxury auction. There are quite a few auctions available to choose from, however we recommend either Sotheby, Cowan's, or Bonham and Butterfields. Auctions are a way to sell an item quickly, but be prepared to pay several fees to the auction house.

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#2 Utilize River Trading Post

River Trading Postcan help you in liquidating an item or collection of high end Native American Art. Located in Scottsdale and Chicagoland, the River Trading Post is available to discuss alternative approaches that you can take to sell your items. The River Trading post is great at considering your needs and are always happy to place fine Native American Art within one of their top auction to sell fast.

#1 Troubleshooting Pricing

For a small fee, River Trading post can also help you determine an items worth if you are having trouble pricing it yourself. Keep in mind they are not professional appraisers but they are well versed in Native American Art and can offer solid suggestions regarding today's present market. Otherwise, if you desire a formal valuation/appraisal of a piece or the entire collection of your Native American Art along with a detailed report of findings - we suggest that you first familiarize yourself with how valuations/appraisals work. Check out the River Trading Post American Indian Art Evaluation Service and blog for further information.

Just remember, there is always a market to sell your art within - you just have to take the time to find it.

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