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Western Themed Decor

Whether you live in the West of the country or in any other part, you might love Western décor style and would like to create it for your living space. The wide-open space style is appealing to new homeowners just as much as to someone who might be ready to redecorate their existing home.

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Western Decor Styles

Western Decor Styles

Every one of us can envision the Wild West and then invite it into our homes without any help of designers or style experts. Let us help you discover the westerner in you with a few useful tips:

1. Explore the different colors to create the Western mood for your house. Experiment with the colors of sunset, design with greens and blues, and enjoy earthly tones. All you have to do is envision wide green prairies, blue sky, and rich soils all around you. Follow your vision with a good quality pain and you'll have a stage set for the West.

2. Think of small details first. You don't need to go out of your way to create the Western theme in your home. Start with adding some touches by replacing your kitchen cabinet handles with wrought iron pieces. Decorate your home with American Indian inspired accents, like pillows, blankets, and baskets. Adorn your walls with the photos and posters of the Wild West. Sometimes the details are the most important part of decoration.

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3. Nature was a big part of the old West, so bring it in. Imagine how people had to make do with whatever they were able to find, grow and harvest. Look for wood, stone, clay pieces for your deco. Add bone, cowhide, and antlers for the mood. Use baskets made of straw and grasses for the ultimate Western pioneer spirit in your home.

4. Look for unique Native and Navaho art statement pieces. The Indian tribes were known for their art ant craftsmanship. There are many local and online places that sell Navaho pottery and hand-made rugs, famous Zuni fetishes, and Hopi baskets, among many others. Some of such unique and meaningful pieces can be acquired during trips to Arizona and New Mexico and visits to modern day tribes.

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5. Buy some modern Western art for your walls. There are a few famed western artists to consider- think Ansel Adams, Georgia O'Keefe or Maynard Dixon. Those artists are closely associated with the West and will bring authenticity to your design. Original artworks are on a pricy side, so look for prints or scout local auctions for great deals on original work.

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