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Where To Find Great Throw Pillows

With literally hundreds of online throw pillow retailers available at your fingertips, the process of vetting through each and every one of them can seem quite daunting. That being said, DO NOT try to shift through them all. Instead, follow this list of online throw pillow retailers ranked by price. The list includes every range from budget friendly to luxury splurge purchase options.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows From The Retailers (left to right): H&M, Caitlin Wilson Textiles & Burke Decor

Budget Friendly:

#4 H&M

H&M pricing is insanely cheap for the extremely chic style they offer. If you are in a financial bind but are in serious need of some throw pillow decor then make sure to check them out.

#3 Zazzle

A newer shop but great nonetheless. You may have to do a little bit of digging to find the real throw pillow treasures but they will offer you a couple of stylish options for $30 dollars or less.

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#2 World Market

World Market is a tried and true resource. They have ranges of throw pillows according to season at extremely affordable prices. A proven reliable retailer.

#1 Society 6

If you are in search of a one of a kind throw pillow decor addition then make sure to moosey over to Society6. Society6 is an independent artist based site that will offer you a truly unique range of furnishings. Not to mention, they stock outdoor grade throw pillows that are made to withstand the elements.

Midline Priced:

#4 Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Caitlin Wilson has been around for ages and for good reason. She utilizes specially curated color palettes that are design to mix and match.

#3 Tonic Living

Truly a hidden gem, Tonic Living offers beautiful fabric throw pillows for a reasonable price range. Their quality is impeccable.

#2 Motif Pillows

Motif Pillows is an amazing shop located on Etsy. The owner, Priscilla, is a big sweetheart and offers killer craftsmanship on all her designer fabric throw pillows.

#1 LuLu & Georgia

Lulu & Georgia is a one stop shop for all of your decor needs. Once you get onto the site you will never be able to just buy one throw pillow - you will want them all. With their large range of styles and colors, you are bound to find a few that work with your current home decor.

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High End:

#4 Burke Decor

Burke Decor offers some of the most eye catching luxe throw pillows on the market. These designer pillows come in a large range. Try to mix and match a couple if your wallet allows.

#3 Arianna Belle

Arianna Belle may be the most expensive online retailer on the list. With that being said, the brands pricing is well deserved as they never produced anything below par. Save Arianna Belle for one extra special splurge-worthy shopping spree.

#2 John Robshaw Textiles

Searching for global style? Look no further as John Robshaw Textiles joins forces with artisans from all over the world, especially in Asia and the Middle East offering a cultural design approach.

#1 Furbish Studio

Furbish Studio may not have the largest selection of throw pillows, the selection they do have is beloved. They offer truly unique decor and a substantial price tag to go along with it.

Do not be afraid to splurge on a quality throw pillow. Think of your throw pillow decor as works of art that you are investing in. A throw pillow holds the power to make or break a rooms design. However, there are several affordable throw pillow options that will add that certain jenesequa that a room may need. Your throw pillows are a statement adding pattern, color, and drama to any room.

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