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The Wild West and Western Interior

North America has become the cradle of many unique cultures. The territory of the United States was home to a number of highly developed pre-Columbian communities and their remarkable level of art can't but impress event today. It is just amazing how accurate are the images of people, animals and insects painted on ceramics, as well as engraved shell products that had no analogues in the world at that time.

Western Home Interiors

Western Home Interiors

Today contemporary interior designers often use Native American design concepts as they are not only functional, but also eco friendly, refined and extremely beautiful. If you are an adventurer by nature consider paying attention to the Wild West style which attracts with its diversity and exclusivity.

This style has had a new surge of popularity beginning from the late 20th century, when the culture of Native Americans experienced the stage of the renaissance characterized by an increase in ethnic awareness, political and cultural activity, as well as cultural identity pursuits. At this time the role of Native American art in the contemporary world increases. More and more people turn to the history and culture of Native Americans to find the answers to many social and personal issues of the past and present time. Native Indian tribes directly or indirectly has made a great contribution to the culture of the Wild West which is impossible to imagine without such multifaceted and significant layer as Native American culture today.

Wild west style is the most distinctive and well known trend in interior design, probably because it is related to the western movies. This style was born in the South West of North America, on the territory of the present day state of Arizona and Mexico in particular, and it reflected the realities of America's people of the 19th century. This very region boasts the largest cultural diversity in the USA, and the best artisans descendants of the indigenous peoples are still working there. It can be explained by the fact that people who lived in the South West managed to preserve their way of life and culture while most of the traditions of indigenous tribes who populated the Eastern and Western coasts of North America were lost. The Native Indians who inhabited the plains and the South East had to leave their native lands while the Indians of the South West remained to live on their home land and they managed to preserve much of their traditional mode of life as well as Native American artistry, with "Western" style being part of it.

When "the Europeans" speak about America as the West, they imply splendor, sublimity, intelligence, civility. But when it comes to American West that fueled the mechanism called "Western", you should totally forget about good manners and all the positive characteristics mentioned above, because it is all about wild feelings, human stamina and endurance, as well as the sounds of shots.

"Western" in its essence demonstrates harsh life amidst the dessert landscapes, full of villains, cowboys, Native Indians and horses all these should be present in the "Wild West" interior we are speaking about today.

Wild west style appeared over 200 years ago. It is characterized by solid and comfortable furniture, a bit rough and with signs of wear. To recreate this style consider using vintage furniture you can purchase at online auctions or flea markets.

Antique Furniture

Antique & Western Furniture

As many years ago, the wild west style requires the use of natural materials Native Americans, which used in the past: stone, clay, wood, textile, forged metal and glass brought from the Old World. The prevailing colors of this style are brown, red, green, light blue, crimson, coral and their shades. Textiles typically feature sharp and contrast colors.

There is a huge variety of accessories in this style, ranging from cowboy hats, huge cactuses and sheriff's stars to bars with whisky, guns, animal hides, feathers, Indians masks, lasso and more.

"Western" style was so popular that it later shaped a whole movie epoch in the middle of the 20th century. It became a literary trend, an art trend and what is the most important became one of the most interesting styles of interior design. Movies help us understand how this style looked in the past and how it should look now, how it can be interpreted and integrated into the present day realities, movies formed the starting point for the entire epoch of design.

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